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From the time of our founding, Alpha Delta Pi has believed in the importance of giving back to our community. A dedication to philanthropy guides our members to spend time in the service of those who need it most. Our international organization’s commitment to Ronald McDonald House Charities has led to the donation of over $15,000,000 over the course of our partnership. More than 350 Ronald McDonald Houses in 64 countries help keep families with seriously ill or injured children together when they need it most by offering them a comfortable, temporary residence in proximity to a medical facility.

Alpha Delta Pi has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities since 1979. Our chapter alone has sponsored 5 rooms at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Jackson, Mississippi and has raised more money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities than any other Alpha Delta Pi chapter in Mississippi.

Philanthropy Chair: Rachel Gabriel

 Our philanthropy for Alpha Delta Pi is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Each semester we have a late night where we cook a certain food or host a certain event for the Starkville community to help support RMHC. Each ticket bought, and each donation on Crowd Change goes straight to RMHC in Jackson, Mississippi. We also collect poptabs throughout the year to help families stay for free at RMHC. We take several trips a semester to meet the families, clean for them, and sometimes even cook or give other physical donations as well.

Ever since I have joined ADPi I have hoped to be the philanthropy chair. The chance to help give back, focus on device, and help those families who need to be with their children is not only an amazing experience but a blessing as well. One of Alpha Delta Pi’s main focuses is to constantly help and serve others, and what better way to do that then by not only helping those in our community, but as well as families from all over the country and world to be close with their children in the time of need. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities Chair: Margo Altshuler

One of the main reasons I joined this chapter was because I would get to be part of a Philanthropy as big as the one we support. RMHC has a huge part of my heart and is a big blessing to those who have ever needed it. Our chapter itself has been given the great honor of helping out not just one but two amazing houses! At RMHC Jackson we now sponsor 5 rooms and send multiple parties down to help clean, cook, and help out with whatever is needed.

This past spring we helped RMHC Memphis by participating in their annual Drive It Home fundraiser for the house. We also participate every year in Poptab Palooza for RMHC Memphis which is a lot of fun! RMHC is not a hospital, it’s a home for families anywhere and all walks of life. It has and always will be my honor and our chapters honor to be apart of something bigger than ourselves!